~Welcome Mat~

Hello all.

    Welcome to these empty halls. As time continues its inevitable path, I hope to cover these pages, to infill this otherwise empty house. Throughout the history of what is to come, I hope to present my passions, my loves of Food, Music, Architecture, and the Sciences. These, of course, aren't the entirety of my life, but I hope to, at least, represent some of them here.

    Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Forrest, I live in the beautiful, everso moody state of Oregon. I am blessed to live with my parents, who have been married over 20 years. My paternal grandparents are still living, still arguing, still loving. I have grown up in the footsteps of my paternal ancestors; I went to the same elementary school that my grandmother went to, to the same high school my dad went to. I've gone to the same church my family helped build, and lived on the same property that my great-grandpa bought back when 5 acres of land was only about $525.

    Now, a bit of forewarning, this is my first –and possibly last– blog, so you'll have to bear with my faults, mistakes, problems, and general newby-ness. Thank you, in advance!

    Anyways, I hope to catch your interest with some of my pages, finding ideas, creating new conclusions, possibly even finding solace in these stark pages.

Thank you, and enjoy,

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