Thursday, September 13, 2012

But a dream

Good day, all, and welcome to a solemn night in my mind.

    Today was an emotional challenge for me, fraught with the pain and difficulties of remembering. An old friend, one that I've written of often, has been brought up today. I nearly broke down during work, which is one of the last things I really wanted to happen, to be honest. I have very little to say this time, so, without further ado, I give you my most recent written hurts.

‎I had a dream.
            A dream that you owned the world, but all you wanted was me.
I had a dream,
            And I held the world in my hand, but you escaped my eyes.
We had a dream,
            Where two paths would cross,
                        And the love story to come would inspire a world to come.
But I had a dream.
In this dream,
            you held my heart in the palm of you hand,
                        Your purple robes flowin in the fall breeze,
                                    As the darkness rained from the sky.
My heart couldn't stay,
            And it blew off.
I, fallen at your feet, lay in awe as the life drained from our eyes.
I had a dream.
            I was frightened by the future,
                        This black wall that is to come.
I had a dream,
            That a light would show me my path.
But I had a dream,
            that my path never continued with you.
Somewhere, in this present emptiness,
            we were no longer,
                        And together was a mere figment.
I had a dream, but, alas,
                        It was just a dream.

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