~Illusions of the Nous~

    Welcome, friends, to my menagerie of words, my playground of phrases.

    This passage is where I will supply my works of literary perception. I'd like to start by saying, however, that I am, in no way, stating that any of these works are finished, completed, or otherwise "perfected". With my artist's view on just about everything, I don't see many of my works as complete, although a select few I am content enough with to call completed.

    As with everything on this site, I pray you have the honesty and integrity to NOT take any of my works without siting me as your source. If you would like more information on further source citing data, please, feel free to message me, and I plan to get back ASAP. Thank you!

And, as with everything:

So, Tell Me...
So I Listened.
But a Dream

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