~Banquet Hall~

Welcome into my hall of food.

Here -in case you didn't catch my drift- is where I will be placing posts about food, whether it be eating, making, creating, or being jealous of food.

Also, I will be examining the "food experience". In my eyes, food is far more than simply sustenance; while it may be the soul source of most all important nutrients, it is also a form of expression.

Food wasn't always art. It was, at most times, a crude thing that few people saw as something more. Of course, not EVERYBODY in the ancient world ate campfire mutton, but it's little known of the foods and food styles that existed before the "known" culinary platform.

I am a chef by no means, only with the hopes to attain that kind of title. I am also far from an artist. I am an amateur of both, though, continually honing my limited skillset.

But, experience aside, I will strive to do my best, not just for me, but for the culinary arts, also.

The following is a list of recipes:

Omni-Quiche (or easy quiche formula)
White Wine Shrimp Scampi
Chicken Potato Soup

Here below are my collection of analyses, opinions, and experiences:

The Shroomy Tradeout

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