Sunday, June 3, 2012

So I listened.

This one was of simple origin. But, please, excuse me from my break of normal mannerisms

   I visited a friends grave today, accompanied by a good friend, a trustworthy soul. I am grateful for my friends and family. She was taken at a time that seems like far too young compared to some. I am afraid to tell you that today has been a rough, emotional day for me. Much back and forth between two extremes.

   Though, without further ado, I present my most recent work of the mind.

Please, enjoy,

I came to you today.
You didn’t say hi, you didn’t come up and give me a hug.
I was hurt and the tears fell.

The tears fell, but they fell over you.
Somewhere beneath me, somewhere, seemingly lost.
I longed for this lie to be over.

I talked to your mom today.
She said hi today, she came up to me, and she gave me a hug.
When I hurt, she wiped the tears.

She didn’t let them fall,
But hers fell to the ground.
She’s strong, I don’t know how. She just is.

We talked of simple loves and tears.
I love her and see why you were best friends.
Her wisdom and truth are amazing

So I listened.

I heard you graduated this year.
Congratulations. Sincere congratulations.
You’ll be honored and missed.

We don’t understand why.
Hopefully an answer will soon come.
Just… pop up! Hopefully… quickly…

But, like your mom agreed;
We cannot focus on the when
Only on the way.

I await the day this is over.
The veil lifted, your story complete.
I keep awaiting the triumphant calls of life!

So I listened.

We still miss you like crazy.
I hope you never know how much we hurt.
Because that realization would crush my heart.

We are a broken people,
And you left us alone. Seemingly forsaken.
The days after were hard to see through the darkness.

I love you, friend.
And that’s something I let get in between us.
They mourn their loss… I mourn a possible friend.

You were brought up in a talk.
I reflected on how little I knew of you.
You said it was fine; we’ll catch up some day.

So I listened.

I had a good friend accompany me.
I thank GOD for her presence.
She dried the tears for you.

You were supposed to be recognized today.
Along with the other seniors.
But you didn’t show up, couldn’t.

I hurt for your family.
And realized my silly pains were none but menial.
lost a friend, they lost a love.

I left you flowers today.
My thoughts were, “They’re not good enough, not perfect enough.”
But your voice told me they were beautiful.

So I listened.

And I will keep listening

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