Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So, tell me...

    Hello all, as my first post under this page, I would like to welcome you, and to thank you for viewing it. This is one of my favorite types of poems. By that, I actually mean that I didn't have a common theme or inspiration for it... It just came to me.

    As someone that thrives on different sources of passions for writings, one that doesn't NEED a common source seems like a gift from God!

Anyway, Enjoy,


WE call ourselves I, for united, WE stand.
From the outside, I look as though perfect.
Our nation of steel, free of defect, or at least, that's how WE started.

On the inside, I rot like refuse:
The few save the many, the humble cover the proud.
Even those who call themselves proud need a savior.

So, tell me... Who are you?

The few own the multitudes, and the multitudes are baffled.
"How has this happened?" WE rant and yell.
"When did I fall to pieces?"

Though I call ourselves one, WE quarrel and fight.
And how can one body hate its other parts?
Unity is gone, only a shell remains.

By no means is it said WE're weak, for the face of oppression brings revival.
Though divided, when one is attacked... I fight.
When sparked as WE, we burn as I.

So, tell me... Do you burn?

Is it possible to regain the position of I? Or have WE moved from our basis?
Is the platform of I what WE truly seek?
Or the false glories of an idea?

Look how I shine when beaten with terrors!
Just before, WE were tarnished with anarchy.
But somehow, SOMEway... I stand strong.

So, tell me... will we unite?

Still, what became of our "One nation under God?"
How has it become "WE-under any structure being fit?"
How has "I", which stood so strong, become "WE" who hate and fall?

Am I still strong, still bold enough?
Or have WE become soft, weakened.
Is the reflection WE see still the face of dignity?

So, tell me... What do you see?

There is a time coming when WE must become I,
And when "WE can" becomes "I must".
When and where, WE don't know.

So, tell me... Is it time?

Is it still what "WE want?"
Or can we finally ask what "THEY need?"

So, tell me... ...Is it time?

Written 5/29/2012.

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